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The other day I read this outrageous article in CM Life and I admit, at first I laughed when I saw the image, but when I reached the headline, there was no more funny business.

Front page of CM Life on Wednesday, January 23

Front page of CM Life on Wednesday, January 23

In order to pay their tuition and other costs that come along with attending an university, young men and women sell their bodies to older, wealthy people. This Leroy Velasquez, who helps managing the website SeekingArrangement.com, can put it in any way he wants. I don’t care how sophisticated and controlled he claims the “arrangements” to be, this is downright disgusting. Buddy, this ain’t Amsterdam! Exchanging sex or “a relationship” (whatever that may imply under these circumstances) for money is whoring, prostitution, shaming, et cetera. It is shocking how he tried to make it sound like a professional job.

*“They both explain what they desire up front. It’s not a traditional relationship. A sugar daddy is a wealthy benefactor living an active business life and can’t engage in a normal relationship. A sugar baby is looking for someone who can mentor her and give her networking opportunities and financial stability.”

Anyone with some common sense can easily see how he sugarcoated the horrific facts. I don’t think this “benefactor” is too busy leading a business life that he or she cannot have a healthy, steady relationship, but he or she decides to go the easy way and buys a hooker. Or perhaps, this business person is merely an asshole and can’t find anyone in the area (or their social class) willing to date them. I scoffed at the “mentor her” and “networking opportunities,” because that’s Velasquez pulling shit out of his ass. When will the business person give helpful, life-changing advice to their prostitute, during the cigarette? The arrangements only benefit the wealthy snots and the people from the website company hauling in cash from their clients.

The more Velasquez tried to justify his dirty business, the more he needed to justify it. He made everything sound worse and worse.

“We respect the fact that (sugar babies) are independent, and they are searching for their own way to pay for college. Maybe their parents can’t afford to help pay for college.”

Clearly, these poor kids are not independent if they resort to whoring themselves out to people. And this pimp Velasquez has the nerve to passive-aggressively blame the parents by saying that they’re not helping their children out. Perhaps it’s only me who reads it like that; either way, the students are desperate and the one percent guys and the sleazeballs take advantage of it.

I tried finding out if there was a police investigation going on regarding the website, but as far as I could tell, there wasn’t. WHY? This is officially a sex trade business, there’s nothing decent and good about it. Why is no one on top of this shit, arresting all these blue-collar pimps and Donald Trumps, and rescuing the college students who are supposed to represent the future of America? Why is this accepted? I demand that this site is taken down! I realize there are possibly many more of the same kind, but since the community now knows about it, the police needs to take action.


(By the way, kudos to the reporter who launched this story, found the sources and maintained neutral ground in the writing. It takes skill to tell this in an unbiased manner since it is a serious matter and concerns fellow classmates. I was impressed and hope there will be a follow-up.)


*Quotes were borrowed from of the article. Copyrights go to Jessica Fecteau.

**This blog entry was written for ‘Writing for Mass Media,’ JRN202, at Central Michigan University.