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This Saturday, I attended the reception for the CMU Student Art Exhibition. There were many people there – students, people from the community, elders with cameras and curiosity in their eyes, the press, family and/or friends of the artists who had cheery reunions with them. I saw my friend Ife, who had two pieces in the exhibit and she was exploring the gallery with her boyfriend. It was also a competition in a way – anyone could vote on their favorite piece and drop the name in a box. After I had made three rounds, I made my contribution and left with a “CMU Student Art Exhibition” card.


My favorites

"Family Portrait Fiasco" - Larissa Parker

“Family Portrait Fiasco” – Larissa Parker

"Right in the Kisser" - Nicole Johnson

“Right in the Kisser” – Nicole Johnson

"The Portrait of a Lady" - Catherine Callahan

“The Portrait of a Lady” – Catherine Callahan




"Lover's Hideway" - Natalie Shaefer (sorry about the reflection)

“Lover’s Hideway” – Natalie Shaefer (sorry about the reflection)

"Discussion Piece" - David Birkham

“Discussion Piece” – David Birkham

"Instant Gratification" - Kara Cooke

“Instant Gratification” – Kara Cooke

'Untitled' - Ifeoluwaloju Zuri

‘Untitled’ – Ifeoluwaloju Zuri

'Untitled' - Larissa Parker

‘Untitled’ – Larissa Parker

"Hipster Liquor Series" - Andrew Jones

“Hipster Liquor Series” – Andrew Jones

"Inside" - Alyssa Gibson

“Inside” – Alyssa Gibson

"Altered Self" - Karley Hoffman

“Altered Self” – Karley Hoffman

I was scared of this one. There was something about the eyelashes that made me half-expect her to open both her eyes and mouth, and then devour my soul.

“You were better off…” by Nikolai Westgate





Impressive how talented these young people are. I am glad I went.