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I would have written something much earlier–since most of us returned to campus on the tenth–the problem was that until now, I really wasn’t sure what to tell the readers. It’s easy to fall into the “diary-trap” when you’re an active blogger and I’d rather not sound like a 13-year-old who doesn’t belong in cyberspace.

Some of my Tweets during break

My to-do list for spring break is astronomical haha (March 1)

From a hipster evening to a ride home with rap music playing. (March 2)

Learned some new things today, both about art and the city. Visited #DIA, amazing place. (March 3)

It’s heart-warming to watch #Vikings on TV, seeing the superstition, culture and blood shed outside the history books I read as a child. (March 3)

Officially first day of spring break. Good luck and bless you all. I’m safe within the borders of my parents’ territory. (March 4)

Dad made too much coffee and brought me the rest in a travel mug while I was still in bed. Awesome way to wake up! (March 6)

I’m so glad my friend showed this to me #ScandinaviaAndTheWorld The beer ghost, dude… http://satwcomic.com/the-scariest-ghost-ever … (March 6)

“Don’t talk over me. What’s wrong with y’all?” – Judge Greg Mathis (bahahaha) #chi #justice (March 7)

If Jodi Arias goes free, then the nation needs close down and change the justice system. Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson, Chris Brown, et cetera (March 7)

Oz had plenty of “aw moments” and comedy, and you gotta love how Nook is a sassy-ass gangsta, ha ha. (March 9)

Snow song

The official record for the longest winter in Michigan is from late-Novemebre/early Decemeber until late April. When I told my colleague, “Today is the first day of spring. Isn’t that funny?” she laughed and shook her head. Outside there are piles of grey snow that stubbornly have stood their ground, despite the few warm days we had before another snow front blew across town.

by Tyreke White on flickr

by Tyreke White on flickr

Things picked up pretty quickly once the week began, or perhaps it was me who had trouble staying on the ball that CMU got rollin’ (which I think is more likely). For some mysterious reason, neither of my two alarms rang the following Monday morning and I was an hour late for work. That was scary. Let’s not do that again.

It felt foreign diving back into my old routine after ten days of leisure. Most of the time I read, played video games, hung out with friends and drove my little brother to and from work. As I mentioned in another blog post (“A well-needed spring break”), my friends and I paid a visit to the DIA. The night before we celebrated Lily’s birthday in Royal Oak, coffee-shop hopping, eating cake at a bakery and peaking into Barnes&Noble. Another big thing we did was eating dinner at the Rainforest Cafe at Great Lakes Crossing and then going to see Oz, the Great and Powerful. 

Besides working and studying, I’ve begun writing some poetry and free-writing in my spare-time. I’m over the snow by now, but there is something about the cold, the frozen landscape and people’s attitudes that inspire me. Spring seems far away and summer is alien.