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Honest to God, I had no clue about any of these events, which shows that the university doesn’t advocate women empowerment enough. I don’t think there should just be a “women’s month,” but a continual row of social meetings and events that promote feminism and progress. I believe that many of us are moving forward steadily, but at a far too slow pace.

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It is women’s history month and Central Michigan University is making it known by celebrating. Well kind of.

This women’s history month a couple of events have taken place on CMU’s campus that have helped us recognize the progress women have made and the progress that is yet to be made.

One event that occurred here, although it is not directly connected to women’s history month, was the women’s basketball team winning the MAC championship. This was a major victory both for CMU sports and for women in general. I believe it was a victory because women’s sports are often underestimated. I can say that when I go to the gym to play basketball I will get stares and even comments like, “you’re a girl you can’t play ball.” However, with this win I hope to see more acceptance of women as athletes and more hype about going to women’s…

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