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A peek into womanhood and feminism. Food for thought.

I have yet to watch this documentary, which I plan to do in between the study session for my finals. However, for now I’d like to make the point that despite that we women are slowly rising to the equal level of treatment and success as men, we are still met by prejudice. It may be men and women in our environment, the media, large corporations, politicians, et cetera. We like to blame society as a whole for sexism, but keep in mind, it’s people–it’s us–who make up that society. We have the power rearrange the very fabric of the world and I encourage you that you take the initiative.

“I need a hero”

Disney had the nerve to produce a series of T-shirts that clearly stated a sexist message. The shirts for the boys said, “Be a hero” and the girls’ shirts said, “I need a hero.” It happened this year, which is shocking in so many ways, not to mention disgusting. I signed the petition that asked the company to stop selling these shirts to girls, a campaign we won through Change.com. They still sell “Be a hero” only for boys, and hopefully, they’ll make those shirts for girls, too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked for a superhero shirt for myself, but they’re never in the women’s department.


Women’s Rights News

There are a great deal of other issues at hand as well.







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