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The reason I’m—let’s see–72-plus hours late with this blog entry is due to internship work and I feel like blaming the people living on my floor, too, and bunch of other things. I don’t like making excuses, but never mind.

My neighbors did distract me. In a good way. Friday night we watched a movie (“The Campaign” to be exact and that shit is crazy), but before that little plan got started, I sat with my neighbor Phil in the hallway. He played his guitar and I drank my beer, and even though I have no singing voice to save my life, we had a jammin’ session while people passed by, either carrying grocery bags from the dorm market or dressed up and about to leave for a party. Once the movie was done, some of us hung out in another room till almost two in the morning, listening to vinyl records and talking about mostly TV shows. Somehow we ended up watching two episodes of Community. I would have stayed longer had it not been for the fact that I was working the morning shift in the cafeteria. So after delaying my leave for additionally ten minutes, I regretfully wished everyone good night.

I love living on campus. Third year of settlement.


The only reason I don’t rage on innocent people in my exhausted state.

The Connection

You don’t have to travel far from Mount Pleasant before herds of colorful, dashing autumn trees and yellow waves of cornfields welcome you with open arms. On the way to the dairy farm Hilhof there was a surprising amount of hills and winding roads. That day was particularly beautiful and warm. Not a single spot of white in the sky and the sun seemed almost playful as rays of light peaked in between the leaves and landed on my right forearm and hand leaning by the car window.

I felt unprepared and too dense for this upcoming interview and couldn’t help but worry about the large amount of homework my professors had dumped on my head. I knew I was up for an interesting weekend and that Friday was only the tip of the iceberg. Earlier as I had driven to my instructor’s/editor’s house with two of my colleagues in the car, music had blared from the speakers… louder than they’d ever been played. Jennifer was sitting in the passenger seat yet Mark and his daily enthusiasm soon took control. He hooked up the stereo to his iPhone 5, cherry picked every song, and sang along and wasn’t shy to push me into the karaoke drama. (It continued when we carpooled back to campus, which I didn’t mind.)

My instructor was the one driving the route from her house to the farm, which was comforting for my nerves. I am still learning how to be a good, quick, witty interviewer so I felt grateful having three other reporters around as my buffers. It was exciting to hear the farmer and his wife’s stories, how they had been a commercial farm at first and then passed over to organic methods. You’d think it would smell terribly having cows around, but the air was so fresh and clean you wouldn’t know they were hanging out just a little ways off the country road.

They have forty of them eating grass and hay, and strolling around leisurely. And they stared us reporters down like we were members of another gang entering their turf. The one bull on the premise mooed at us for the first five minutes we were standing in the fenced area. One brave gal walked up to us and sniffed our outstretched hands while her friends kept a good ten-feet distance. I felt proud of what we were doing as I observed her strong facial frame and those dark eyes.

One of the cool decorations in the store reception at Hilhof was something like this but bigger.

One of the cool decorations in the store reception at Hilhof was something like this but bigger.

>>Side Note

I really don’t like how this entry was so late so I will find a way to make it up to you guys this week.