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Published Oct. 17 by New York Post

Published Oct. 17 by New York Post

Throughout October, graffiti artist Banksy settled into residency in New York City, called “Better Out Than In” on his website, planting different art installations and tagging several walls all over. By now, there’s a map published by the Times showing the art spots. He practically took over the city. Nearly every day there was something new on display for the public. According to the article related to the map, this is what eventually happened to Banksy’s art:

New Yorkers have stolen it, painted over it, urinated on it, tagged it, charged for it, venerated it, fought about it, sneered at it, guarded it, sold it to the highest bidder and chased it to corners of the city that they had heretofore never been.

I personally followed his tongue-in-cheek, month-long, growing gallery as well as I could. First of all, it is amazing how he has succeeded in remaining anonymous in this day and age of super-computers, documentary obsession and cellphone-armed citizens. He also deserves a round of applause for not getting caught by the cops. Bravo!

Here are some favorite art pieces I’d like present to you guys (no way I can show you everything here). For you who didn’t know about this at all, I’m going to leave some links about this phenomenon. Aside from the mystery, you got to admit that Banksy has true talent for writing a message in a simple image (and yet, in other ways, they’re not so simple). I love his technique, because whether it’s a tag or an object, his pieces seem to come alive in front of you. Like you’re in one of those movies where Looney Tunes have somehow hopped through your TV screen and started talking to you.

Someone on tumblr made this gif compiling some of Banksy’s tags.

Satirical video.


Mobile garden (includes rainbow, waterfall and butterflies).

This truck toured the city for two weeks. Someone placed a tracker on it once, probably trying to find Banksy. Cute. On his website, the artist commented, “If you’re the person who stuck a tracking device on the garden truck, you’re now following a car service in Queens.”

A moving capture of Banksy’s frightening art piece called “The Reaper.”

Published October 27.

Want to know more about Banksy? I do.


The Art Evolution of Banksy (he wasn’t always political):

Banksy officially became Banksy when he started using stencils, and he understood that street art was all about repetition, efficiency, and quality. He used stencils to produce his works on a larger scale all over Bristol and London. 

Is Damien Hirst Behind the Banksy Machine?

2003 interview with The Guardian: “Something to spray”