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I write to you once again, my friends, after a long moment of silence.

I have purposely avoided watching or reading the news lately. I’ve focused a lot of my energy on writing (and been surprisingly productive). As a young journalist, it’s a lazy gesture on my part and as a citizen of the Earth, egocentric. For a while, though, I felt exhausted by work and by the troubles of my social life so I didn’t feel like listening to the stories outside the quiet suburbs. My summer has so far been largely filled by the sounds of peace: a vast range of bird songs, lawnmowers, hoses washing driveways, the clunks of garden shovels digging in dirt, sprinkle systems sizzling, that toddler Molly ringing the bell on her three-wheeler, and so on.

It’s been selfish of me to not show interest, but I can only take so much worldly bullshit. There’s too much bullshit. Think about it.

Young girls in Nigeria getting kidnapped. Planes crashing. The military controlling the government in Thailand, Egypt, and God knows where else. A psychotic, women-hating man stabbing his roommates and shooting innocent people on the streets. Murders and missing people being reported on Fox 2 News Detroit every single day.

General Motors recalling hoards of cars just because they wanted to save money on fixing the problems in the first place. They saved 50 cents per vehicle. My mother better not lose her job just because some morons made bad decisions. Anyway, my point is, why is it so damn hard for people to be kind and helpful to each other? And how hard is it to be honest and willing to act morally and responsible? This pointless cruelty and ignorance is so beyond me. 

And as you surely saw, even when I try to avoid the news, they still reach me. It is impossible to overlook facts, especially with a Twitter and Facebook account. I follow/like several news sources after all. I wish had some wisdom to contribute to this observation, other than the “can’t we just be friends?” attitude. I suppose the questions I previous asked are something to think about at least. Moving back home has once again forced me to consider how small I am compared to everything else in existence. I got little money and even less power to bring positive change on a large scale. I am only a writer with tales and poems to offer, and hopefully some neat messages regarding friendship, chivalry and curiosity.

Some favorite books.

Some favorite books.