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When it comes to writing, it doesn’t really matter where I am, because I’ll always plug in my headphones and tune out the world. Although, if the location has Wifi, that’s a plus since most the music I listen to is on YouTube. No, it’s more a question of time. All I ask is an hour a day; the pressure is too great if I only have ten minutes. Instead of actually building on the story, I’ll write notes. At this point in the game, I’ve written notes not only for the novel in-progress, but for almost the entire series. It’s like having thousands of Leggo pieces and hundreds of pages of blueprint lying in a dark corner, collecting dust.

National Novel Writing Month has come right on time. After ten weeks of school and dozens of other obligations, I crave a distraction. I wish I had heard about this event sooner, like back when I was a freshman in college and very good at making excuses. I’ve gotten better at forcing myself to write and to quell the self-doubt, but now it’s been over two months since I finished chapter nine. The goal is 20 to 22 chapters. You see, I began my novel back in January, so I’d like to get to the finish-line in… well, in this lifetime.

Pretty good tip, right?

Pretty good tip, right?

Kaya Coffee House is one of those piñata caffeine paradise places here in Mount Pleasant. You wouldn’t notice it, if you didn’t know it was there. It lies off the corner of South University Street, with a glowing star hanging in the front window. It serves weird coffee and tea and good (organic) food, and it has turtles, quirky art and mismatched furniture everywhere. I don’t go here enough, because it’s a bit out of the way. Tonight, however, as much as I want to finish my story, I really had to get off campus. My upstairs neighbors have been especially rowdy this weekend – partying and (by the sound of it) breaking chairs and fighting ninjas – and the idea of spending my Saturday night alone in my room is a depressing thought. Even if I am doing what I love.

Kaya Coffee House (sorry for the bad quality; it's a smartphone).

Kaya Coffee House (sorry for the bad quality).

I arrived at an interesting time, because two middle-aged guys are performing classic rock and a mix of folk and jazz on their electric guitars. They’re pretty good actually. Their singing voices have that garage band quality, but it’s not going to be too distracting. Well, I’m going to set up my profile on nanowrimo.org and continue my two heroes’ adventure. It really shouldn’t have to take a big national event to push me to my laptop, but oh well. Right now my friend Katy – who told me about this – is probably going through similar battles with her own story and it’s kind of nice knowing that a bunch of people are also fighting to write their first draft.



Sadly, the coffeehouse was forced to relocate sometime in 2017 and then it closed permanently.