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Four out of five stars.



The Good in “The Flash” crossover

* Entertaining interactions between the characters. Aside from Oliver Queen and Barry Allen, I especially loved seeing Caitlin Snow and Felicity Smoak bond. We need more girl power in both Arrow and The Flash, guys! It’s beautiful when women in TV shows get along. When Caitlin said, “It’s so nice to have another woman to talk to!” and Felicity agreed, I shouted, “Ya ya!”

* Caitlin’s advice to Barry that he shouldn’t get involved in Iris and Eddie’s relationship, neither as himself nor as The Flash.

* There was no break-up.

* Seeing John Diggle scared out of his mind when Barry ran over.

* Dr. Wells getting creepier and creepier… Seriously, everyone senses a disturbance in the force whenever he gets that stern look on his face. Stephen Amell mentioned in one interview that in the crossover, “Oliver will make an interesting comment about Dr. Wells,” which I have been looking forward to. I’m glad it turned out to be something Oliver said to Felicity in passing (“There’s something off with that guy”). This episode was dramatic enough without him telling Barry, “Hey, don’t trust Wells, he’s weird” or something.

* The battle!

* The captain of Central City Police Department is gay. It’s a neat detail and adds diversity. I’m all for that.

* Grant Gustin’s performance. Amazing. The train wreck of rage was frightening. Loved it.


The Bad of the crossover

* They decided to make Eddie Thawne the bad guy anyway. This pisses me off to no end. My critique of the treatment of this character is two-fold: 1) Usually when there’s a love triangle, we’re “meant to hate” one those three people and Eddie nearly escaped that. We just started to like him in the episode “The Flash is Born” when he bonds with Barry.

Frankly, they should have given us reasons to like Eddie earlier, because Iris wouldn’t waste her time with a loser and it’s fun when the audience has reasons to root for both sides. Why did they take that away from us? Besides I could picture Barry and Eddie becoming bros so why… Jesus Christ, it’s stupid. Get it together, writers.

2) Yeah, yeah, Eddie believes that Iris believes the Flash is real, sure. But then he suddenly believes in the Flash? Where did that come from? There was a perfect opportunity to have Eddie voice his reasoning when he talked with the CCPD captain and Joe West. But we don’t get his reasoning for his belief in the Flash, nor why he thinks it/he is a danger to the public. I can see that as a sharp detective, he wants to find this “seemingly suspicious character” and take him in for questioning, make certain everything’s cool. Yet again, he doesn’t say that. He tells us nothing! Way to fumble, writers.

* The villain was pointless. Let’s face it, the only reason they brought in this character was to force Arrow and The Flash into a fist fight. I should have guessed, because all Prism does with his ability is to rob banks. (…) Yeah, rob banks. Very creative. What was up with his apartment anyway? It was filled with paint and terrifying paintings; I was more interested in that for a while than Prism making Flash’s eyes glow red.

* It became obvious that Barry was using his persona to make Iris fall for him. That’s silly. I was okay with it earlier when it was more subtle – like when Flash said to Iris, “You’re worth being on time for” – but when he asked Iris, “Did you break up?” I was just shaking my head. In that moment, Iris should have put that together (‘Yeah, the Flash has a crush on you. That’s a little creepy’). If she hadn’t already, it was crystal clear once Flash attacked Eddie.

– Now I do like that she got so angry with the Flash that she told him to stay away. He betrayed her trust after all.


I look forward to the next crossover episode in Arrow. I mean, look at this clip. It’s hysterical.

Yes! This is gonna be awesome.