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I gotta say, the second part of this crossover event was much better than the one in The Flash. They used every minute of this Arrow episode to the fullest and the plot was great. Before I go into the critique, I have an important message: I love nicknames, but like Oliver Queen, I think it can only go so far. Don’t call the crossover event Flarrow. Just. Don’t. Just nope. Even Stephen Amell is not for it so stop.




The Good of “The Brave and the Bold”

* The Flash’s entrance. Perfect! Besides, the fight scene between Arrow and Arsenal, and Digger Harkness (later baptized as Captain Boomerang by Cisco) was great. And too short. I also like that Barry gets a chance to return a favor and save Oliver.

* The second speedy entrance when Barry accidentally reveals his secret identity to Lyla. Like Diggle’s reaction to his superpowers, she was just as shocked and confused. Plus, you’ve got Thea Queen, another character who’s usually hard to impress.

* The team work and bonding between the two groups. In addition to saving the day (or the night? [nearly every scene takes place at night in this season…]), the sidekicks had some interesting back-and-forth in Verdant and in the Arrow Cave. I saw the beginning of the some character growth in Roy, Felicity, Caitlin and Cisco during their moment of reflection. It was awesome.

* Cisco was a gem in this episode. Just grand!

Need I say more? (That would be me, too, snapping pictures.)

* Oliver and Lyla had a good talk about heroism (well, for lack of a better word).

* We saw the women of these two shows working together again. Ya ya! Then there was Felicity Smoak, taking care of business.

* My favorite scene was when Oliver and Barry had an unpleasant heart-to-heart after the Arrow had tortured a man to get information on Captain Boomerang.

* Barry got his own mannequin in Arrow’s lair. “For the next time he’s in town,” mind you.

* Several Easter eggs.

* I find it so adorable that Caitlin addressed Dig as “Mr. Diggle.” Such a proper lady.

* Diggle finally proposed to Lyla.

* Paul Blackthorne (Captain Lance) made an appearance! (The reason why that made me happy is because he is by far the best actor on the whole cast, hands down. His very best performance was in the episode when his daughter Sara Lance showed herself to him for the first time in years. In that moment, he displayed like ten different emotions at once! Damn! That was amazing.)

I clearly could go on and on so let’s end it here.


The “Bad” in this part of the crossover

This is just me being picky and there’s nothing awful I can really say about the episode. I was just wondering a few things here:

– Why is that, no matter where the Flash starts running off, paper starts flying around? These are all the letter-sized, blank pieces of paper. It’s a little over-done. I don’t get why it happens in the Arrow Cave either.

– What the hell was Lyla aiming at when Captain Boomerang showed up? She shot bullets every-flippin-where and nothing got damaged or hit and especially not the bad guy. Did she train at the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy?

– It might be personal taste here, but I don’t buy Oliver and Lyla quoting Amanda Waller perfectly. The show does this all the time, but do we really need it? It’s a little unrealistic.



By the way, congratulations Team Arrow.