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Yesterday, I was supposed to post another blog entry, but two things kept me from the keyboards. One was the difficult and long task of Christmas cleaning the house. The second thing was a this wonderment: What’s the point? Do I have anything worthwhile to say? I don’t want to waste people’s time.

When I began this blog over two years ago, I had no clear goal in mind. At the time, I just wanted some outlet for my emotions and the format on tumblr somehow didn’t work for me. It’s been a place of randomness in terms of culture references, quotes and naive thoughts; it’s been a place for me to rant about the college experience and things that were pissing me off at the time; for one semester, it was a platform for me to talk about news; for another period, it was a quiet blog; and lately, it’s given me the opportunity to discuss the art of writing.

So what am I even doing with this blog? Why do I feel like I have this “obligation” to speak out to the Internet population? Most of the time, it feels as though I’m talking to a wall. Is anyone reading this? Hello?


This started out as a hobby, but now as I’m closing in on graduation – and in hindsight, the working world – I wonder if I should give this blog a true purpose. For the future, I plan on focusing on three things: poetry, storytelling and writing. Let me explain to you what this means.


People seem to love what I had to say about Emily Dickinson’s poem “She rose to his requirement,” considering that my stats tell me that it’s one of the most popular posts on a weekly basis. It never stops surprising me, because it was one of the easier one I’ve ever written here. One guy kept up a conversation about the poem with me for quite some time. My guess is that people research that poem for school.

So every Tuesday from now on is “Poetry Tuesday.” I’ll pick a poem I like and I’ll talk about it; simple as that.



This is a newer concept so bare with me. When I wrote “reviews” on the two episodes for the “Flash and Arrow crossover,” I had a lot of fun talking about the characters and the plot development. I’ve decided to do more of that stuff, not just with television, but also with movies and video games. Still have to set a specific day for the “Story Time Day,” but what you should expect for the future is me taking a TV show, movie or video game and judging it as a storyteller. I’ll analyze the plot, the characters, the themes, et cetera. I already have some games in mind so I’m looking forward to that.




I’ve already done some of this stuff so it should be fairly self-explanatory. Every Saturday, I’ll talk about writing, anything from writing tips to routines to the habit of successful writers to my own experience as well as epiphanies to styles that come and go. Recently I began this conversation on horror, terror and the uncanny valley, which I’ve been dying to continue so expect another post about monsters and the concept of fear next Saturday.

Well Read Octopus by Rebecca Flaum

Well Read Octopus by Rebecca Flaum


I hope this will be something that people are going to enjoy and that we get to share ideas sometime in the future.

That’s it for now. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah and have a good holiday. 🙂