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Organize Ideas (a.k.a. Pen your master plan!)

I’ve learned that whenever you got a lot going on at once in your story, it’s helpful to make a list – or several – for what you want to happen. It may work for those who love organization (like me!). Write bullet points for the big things that will happen in the following chapters and then details will come along while you pen down those scenes.

If you get stuck on one chapter while you’re organizing (because you’re not sure which domino brick will fall next), make one miscellaneous list for the rest of the story. You’ll know where to put those things eventually. In my experience, things fall into place on their own as you write. Sometimes you may also (accidentally) come up with a new and better move for your story!

Some ideas you might end up tossing, who knows, or recycling for another time or an entirely different story. A professor of mine once advised us to save the ideas we truly love. If we can’t find a place for them, put them on the shelf.

P.S. Do not be afraid to let things go: It might be brilliant plan at first, but the characters might surprise you. For example, a certain plot line you had in mind somehow doesn’t feel right because the people in your story developed differently than originally intended. So as a result, their reactions, words, actions as well as motives/desires/fears might change. I’ve had to readjust the climax for my novel more than I can count. Well over five times – probably more – but you get my point.

Borrowed from averagemedgirl on Tumblr.

Borrowed from averagemedgirl on Tumblr.