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When I went to dinner at Killer Hibachi last week, I wasn’t planning on writing a review on it; just wanted to see a good friend whom I hadn’t seen for several weeks. The day after as I was eating leftovers from the restaurant, I talked with my colleague about the food and the strange atmosphere. It occurred to me later that I really should write a few blogs about the various restaurants, bars and coffee shops here in Mt. Pleasant. I love food, I love sharing my opinions with the world, so let’s go.

For those who don’t know, Killer Hibachi is a Japanese steakhouse, or that’s what they call themselves. I have doubts that people from Japan would be flattered by the food they serve, much less the decorations, and their logo may flat out insult them. When the place first opened on 4520 Collegiate Way, I recall one of my professors calling the logo “racist.” I’d say it’s a little bit racist.

You be the judge.


I do appreciate the haul they put on your plate. I had the teriyaki chicken, which came with white steamed rice (I think you have the option of fried rice) and some zucchini, carrots and a ton of onion. There should have been more zucchini and carrots, but otherwise it tasted good. But not good enough to justify the price.

The dip – oh, excuse me, signature sauce – was more like a dip. Actually it was exactly like the potato chip dip my dad makes Friday nights. I skipped it. I think they should think about having a selection of sauces, ranging from sweet’n’sour to mild to spicy. Speaking of which, are there any spicy items on menu? There’s no indication that any of the meals are spicy, but someone on a Google review recommended “the spicy killer meal” so I’m not sure.

Let’s talk about the design of the restaurant, which to be perfectly honest, is the thing I wanted to talk about the most. My friend told me the building Hibachi resides in used to be a BBQ place; fine, but that doesn’t justify having a Western interior style at a Japanese place. It’s like they think that putting up a large pseudo-Japanese picture of a hanging bridge in a foggy forest will make up for it. And the music! They’re playing jazzy 1940s music like “Bei Mir Bist Du Schon” by the Andrew Sisters. It’s the kind of music they played in the beginning of the 20th century. Weird.

I should add that the service is pretty good, though. Nice servers and you got a manager walking around, asking the guests how they are doing. My friend and I were there when the restaurant wasn’t super busy so I can’t say with confidence if they do as well during rush hour, of course.

Overall, three out of five stars. I would go there again if they lowered their prices.