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The fall semester when a lot of my free time was dedicated to my research. I’m writing a thesis on superhero masculinity by looking at the Netflix dramas Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Punisher. Of course, it is still a large part of my life right now. I’m pouring my heart and soul into it. Plus a couple kidneys, a lung, a liver, some drops of sanity.

Here is the story in pictures (and tweets and ‘grams), in chronological order.

What a journey! And I’m just getting started.

marvel 2

There’s gonna be fewer entries on the Writer’s Corner from now on and more activity on my Tumblr blog “Marvel Scholar Palm.” Feel free to check it out if you like! It’s about my thesis research on male superheroes. (9/4/2017)

wonder woman - singing




Karen Page: “Thank you, Mr. White Guy.”



share the bed

cutis and frank

I’m sure you’re getting sick of Punisher stuff, but I can’t contain my excitement. For someone entrenched in feminist media studies, this show is a gift! It has everything: Patriarchal, hyper, feminist and post-millennial masculinities, and even the new man type. “Front Towards Enemy” broke some ground in the superhero genre… and my heart didn’t come out in one piece either. My favorite part about that episode is the displayed affection between Frank and Curt; their friendship is fucking beautiful. (11/28/2017).

part 1

Analyzing ‘Daredevil’ right now… One thing I’ve noticed is that they managed to make all the scenes at the church feel intimate. Even when the camera pans out, showing a space that’s open and empty, you still feel close to the characters. I believe it’s largely due to the clever use of silence. (11/29/2017).


fan boys