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Having people to look up to (your own superheroes) can help keeping you move forward toward your goals.

Before I get into the list, I want to be real for a moment:

Following the “right” people on social media isn’t going to make or break your grad school career. However, if you’re visual person like me who gets motivated and inspired by images, it might help. And hell, you might make some great contacts online.

Making friends with your cohorts is so important, because higher education demands a lot from you: your time, your energy, your sanity, a liver, couple of kidneys, etc. But sometimes, there might not be time to hang out with them or to get together for a group study. Sometimes it’s past midnight and you still haven’t finished your homework for the next day and you’re losing hope. Sometimes it’s just nice knowing you’re not alone.

And when I suggest that you follow these people, I encourage you to actually talk to them. I encourage you to share your own stories on IG or Twitter, whichever your preference. Maybe someone who is in the same boat will reach out. By the way, if you’re talking about your grad school experience on Twitter, one way to make it easy for people to find your tweet is adding the hashtag #phdchat. I felt a little like a cheat whenever I added that, because I was in a master’s program, but #masterschat is apparently too long or not as trending.

One last thing, I would recommend following your university on social media, that includes the library, the gym (however it’s referred to, Oakland University’s gym is called the Recreation Center or Rec Center), the university main hub, the campus police, various clubs; there are usually options. You never know if you might come across handy information.

Here are my IG suggestions! I have one of their latest posts as examples. These are in no particular order.


Not a student. I know, dude. How can you not feel excited about academia when the professor is so hyped, though! I recommend following your favorite professors if they’re on social media.

Her focus revolves mostly around fitness, but she shares her journey in grad school as well. Plus, as I’ve said earlier, exercising is a life-saver once you rise higher in academics.


Recent graduate (like me!) and who better to ask about grad school than the people who have reached the end of the tunnel.

Such a professional blog! This woman is an insightful, fun positive force. Her content always brighten my day.


For the scientist in you! I’m just loving how women in STEAM are sharing their stories online nowadays. It’s awesome for girls and other women who are dreaming of becoming engineers or something and they get to see that it’s perfectly normal. Not to mention fucking cool!

Everyone needs a laugh.