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Art exhibit at the Troy Community Center in Troy, MI (2018): These two guys are by John Whyte from Athens High School.

Hello, folks! Hope you’re having a great Saturday. Mine has been eventful. In fact, the past five weeks have been all GO-GO-GO! I keep thinking, “Oh, things are finally slowing down a little bit next week,” and then the forces of the universe laugh and laugh and laugh.

Oh yeah, I’m Greg basically and Stevie is everyone else passing through my life. That’s how it feels like, ha ha.

Well, at this point I’m done with grad school, the thesis is turned in and I’m looking for jobs, which involves fine-tuning resumes and my portfolio, filling out applications, meeting folks for informational interviews, preparing for and attending job interviews, et cetera, et cetera. It’s crazy how much you have to do these days to land a job.

That’s just ONE thing keeping me busy. Among other, it’s helping my dad with the new property in West Virginia (all woods, no buildings). I have been there only once, but there’s been a lot of picking up equipment, packing and planning.



I got a few creative writing projects of my own that I’m trying to get off the ground. Now that the thesis is finished, I also want to find a nice publisher to get it into stores all over the country and websites like Amazon. Being invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show would be nice, too.

You know, my life being a circus is really my own fault because I have so many interests and keep myself busy with whatever I concoct during my spare time.

Maybe that’s why the forces of the universe are laughing.