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I cover almost every surface space in my room with books.

What’s up, nerds? I know there’s already an About page that briefly tells you what you need to know about AUTHOR ON ADVENTURES, but in the light of the blog’s relaunch, I thought I’d say hello.

My name is Anna Josefin Palm and I’m a writer, communication scholar, martial artist and intersectional feminist. Oh, and I’m Swedish. I moved to Michigan with my family in 2008.

I got a BA in English/Creative Writing, with a minor in Journalism and an MA in Communication. Last year, I wrote a thesis about the representations of masculinity on the Netflix Marvel dramas Daredevil, The Punisher and Luke Cage and I’m working on getting it published as a nonfiction book. Before grad school, I worked as a journalist for a total of three years before I lost the taste for it. I might return to reporting one day… we’ll see. Currently, I’m looking for a job related to my two degrees and I’m in the process of revising my novel. It’s not the first one I’ve ever written, but definitely the first one I intend to send to an agent. Or considering what I’ve learned about the field, to several agents until someone says yes. In the meantime, I’m working part-time at Barnes & Noble. Gotta make that bread somehow, right?

Like my reading choices, I find it difficult to stick to one genre or theme when it comes to writing. I write sad poetry (as in sad topics) as well as mystery, fantasy and sometimes a combination of the two. Whatever fictional story I’m working on, it tends to have a dark sense of humor and characters who feel like outsiders or they’re indeed outcasts one way or another. The novel I’m working on now is part of a crime drama series taking place in Detroit. The story begins in the summer of 1983 and will carry on till the mid-90s. In the future, I plan to write plays, some children’s books and maybe true crime.

(Sometimes I wonder how my head doesn’t explode from all the ideas I got swimming in there.)

I haven’t written any blog entries since I graduated with my master’s last summer and I’ve missed working on this forum. Starting March 9th, I will post a blog entry every Saturday, which will talk about my writing projects, the books I’m reading and several other little adventures. I travel at every opportunity and enjoy urban exploring and trying out strange food and new experiences and I want to share all that with the rest of you.

Right now, I’m saving for a trip to Florida and reading The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien for the very first time. Hence the title of this entry, which is from a song Frodo sings (a song written by Bilbo and in the movie, it’s Gandalf who sings it while he rides into Hobbiton).

The Road goes ever on and on/ Down from the door where it began/ Now far ahead the Road has gone/ And I must follow, if I can/ Pursuing it with weary feet/ Until it joins some larger way/ Where many paths and errands meet/ And wither then? I cannot say.

I’ll see you Saturday! And if you’re in the Midwest like me, bundle up and stay warm.