Story Time (2013-16)

There are two purposes to the Story Time series: The first one is to share my experiences from visiting to museums and art exhibits or sitting in on panels.

The second is analyzing various methods of storytelling, because I like that we can express our own stories and feelings in so many ways. I pick any story or character that currently interests me and talk about them. It can be a short story, a novel, video game, TV show, movie or even pictures. No matter how an artist chooses to express themselves, there’s a story behind their pieces.ย 

[Set in chronological order; olderย entries as you scroll down:]

Brief Review of ‘Ready Player One’ Feb. 17, 2016

Akira Takei: “Nostalgia and Humor” Exhibit April 2, 2015

“Exhibit Visits: International Children’s Books” March 25, 2015 (Part 1 of Colorful Hand Prints)

“Arrow’s Face-Plant” March 7, 2015 (TV show)

“Reading Photographs” – Aimee Brasseur’s exhibition at the Park Library (Central Michigan University) Jan. 28, 2015

"to get to the other side" by Aimee Brasseur

“to get to the other side” by Aimee Brasseur

The Story in “Among the Sleep” Dec. 26, 2014 (video game)


“February Gallery” March 23, 2014 (Central Michigan University art students displaying their work at University Art Gallery; reception)

“Upperclass: Spontaneous visit to the gallery”ย Dec. 21, 2013

“The Wolverine among Ninjas” Aug. 2, 2013 (movie review).

“Gentle Thursday: Rock Music” April 28, 2013 (rock concert at local bar with four Michigan-founded bands.)

“Alan Maciag: Rural Impressions” March 27, 2013 (contemporary realism painter from Michigan; reception.)

“A visit to the Gallery (Part 2): STUDENTS SHINING” Feb. 25, 2013 (Central Michigan University art students displaying their work at the school’s gallery; reception.)

'Untitled' - Larissa Parker

‘Untitled’ – Larissa Parker

“A visit to the Gallery” Feb. 7, 2013 (Exhibit showcasing art influenced by the 1970s recession in Detroit; pieces came from the Wayne State University Art Collection.)

James Crawford, photographs of the "Pile Series," 1972.

James Crawford, photographs of the “Pile Series,” 1972.


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