The Reporter


Courtesy of Shayla Johnson.

Essentially I’ve been a reporter since January 9, 2012: That’s the day I started working at CM Life, the newspaper at Central Michigan University. At the time, I had a vague notion what journalism was, largely based on watching Rory cover stories in Gilmore Girls. Like that character, my greatest challenge wasn’t the writing, but to overcome my timidness. I was painfully shy until it gradually felt natural to simply walk up to strangers and chat with them. I now have an online portfolio with my best stories from four different publications, plus some pretty awesome school projects.

**Update 1/11/2017: I’m working on my master’s in communication because I have decided to walk down a different career path.

buddy boxing

Me participating a little during a charity event supporting Toys for Tots on Nov. 28, 2015. It was thrown by Mid-Michigan Radio Control Helicopter Association. What I’m doing here is called “buddy boxing” because the gentleman next to me is flying the plane with me (mostly making sure I don’t crash it).

This page serves as a platform where I share my experiences on the field.

The Newsroom Oct. 10, 2015