Writing: Advice & Prompts

I’ve got advice, other people’s tips, writing prompts and experiments to share on this forum.

you know


advice for creativity and writing, plus prompts

Writing Prompts from “Mysterious” Book Feb. 25, 2016

When the Creativity runs dry Feb. 21, 2016

The Importance of Short Stories & Competitions Jan. 31, 2016

Find a writing routine, Job or No Job Jan. 27, 2016

Writing the Senses Jan. 17, 2016

The scientifically proven best time to think and write creatively Dec. 22, 2015

A Writer Needs a “Real” Job Nov. 6, 2015

Block out writing advice sometimes Aug. 26, 2015

The Metamorphosis of Delinquencies June 18, 2015

Staring out of Windows June 15, 2015

American Judicial Concepts June 4, 2015

Writing Serial Killers April 4, 2015

Too Many Things At Once March 29, 2015

Don’t Think About Publication March 28, 2015

How to Write Women (2): Impressions March 9, 2015

What makes a reader and character connect March 8, 2015

Publisher terms March 7, 2015

In the Novel Trenches (3): More Dandy Advice Feb. 28, 2015

How to Write Women Feb. 23, 2015

How to introduce a setting Feb. 22, 2015

Writing Prompt: Interest Objects Feb. 14, 2015

Weird Writing Prompts Feb. 7, 2015

Book cover copy that sells books Feb. 6, 2015

5 Tips from a Rookie Feb. 1, 2015

The Strange Story born from an Experiment Jan. 19, 2015

In the Novel Trenches: GOT TIPS? Jan. 10, 2015

Writing Prompts and Creativity Advice Dec. 13, 2014

Writing Tips for Your Novel Dec. 6, 2014



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