Mass Media

During the spring term of my sophomore year, I took a journalism class called “Writing for Mass Media.” We dabbled with a variety of news articles, wrote feature stories, press releases and quite often, we talked about social media. One thing all of us had to do was creating our own blog where we would talk about current events and issues. Since I already had one, I simply posted my entries here.

How “One Day” outshone the nasty politics and America’s doubt Jan. 22, 2013

Cyber Whorehouse for College Students Jan. 26, 2013

Front page of CM Life on Wednesday, January 23

Front page of CM Life on Wednesday, January 23


Slut-Shaming War Trilogy

* Intro: Girl, Get Smart Feb. 1, 2013

* Part 1: No Excuses, More Fairness Feb. 1, 2013

* Part 2: Our Conflicting Dress Code Feb. 17, 2013

* Part 3: Power March 1, 2013

For kicks, I continued this discussion about equality versus misogyny under the title "Feminist Notes."
* Slut-Shaming War (E): Notes of a Feminist Aug. 30, 2013
* Notes from "Reading and Writing the Body" Sept. 23, 2013
* Feminist Notes, Entry #2: Extraordinary Girls Oct. 10, 2013
* Feminist Notes, Entry #3: Catcalls Oct. 23, 2013

The Mount Pleasant Bandit Feb. 20, 2013

Digging our heels in the ground; fighting violence and ignorance Feb. 23, 2013

@SWritingCorner during the Oscars Feb. 26, 2013

G.I. Joe – The Rise of my Anger March 8, 2013

The Vatican and Sexy Irony March 16, 2013

Pope Benedict

Pope Benedict

The Child with a Gun March 22, 2013

INSANITY: the late conversation in America March 28, 2013

Trouble in Chicago (1): School’s Out April 2, 2013

Trouble in Chicago (2): Arming the Youth April 4, 2013

My fellow journalist Jana Winter April 9, 2013

Jana Winter

Jana Winter

In the aftermath of this ongoing project, I put on another trilogy called "According to Peter" (something a little silly):
* According to Peter (1)
* According to Peter (2): lit class
* According to Peter (3)

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