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Me reading Ariel by Sylvia Plath.

 Welcome, my dudes!

This blog went dead for six-some-months, but I’m back with a rejuvenated purpose and many exciting plans for the future. I gave Author on Adventure a bit of a face-lift and added new pages and photographs.

Here’s a quick tour!

About AOA: a brief first-person bio and an introduction to the blog.

Author: a collection of the ‘author’ categorized entries where I talk about writing and books, plus there’s a gallery with the funny author memes. I will add a sub-page called Reviews in the near future. For now, you can check out my review of the first season of A Discovery of Witches. It was a pleasure to write.

Fire Up Chips!: blog entries I wrote between 2012-2015 while I was working on my undergrad at Central Michigan University. Most of them are about art exhibitions I attended.

Grad School: blog entries about my journey through the master’s program in communication at Oakland University. There’s a sub-page about the non-profit organization I joined, the American Association of University Women.

Studying the Story: more or less a precursor to the Review page where I criticize books, movies, TV shows and video games. There are three sub-pages: Creative Writing, Poetry and Weird Genre (the latter talks about my entries on mythology and horror).

You’ll find several blog entries I wrote for a journalism class and some random ‘adventure’ entries, such as my trip to North Carolina and the joys of being a bookseller. The Adventure entries will have also have a page of their own soon.

Have fun reading!



Monday Memes #6


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Happy Monday, my dudes! How is your writing going? Mine hasn’t been good lately, especially last week. I’m finding it hard to focus on one thing. But I’m ready to grab the bull by the horns and begin anew.

That said, let’s have more coffee.


Monday Memes #5 (+announcement)


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Good day and Happy Monday, my lovelies!

I’ve felt a little overwhelmed lately, because there’s too much stuff going on up here (*pointing to my head*) and I need to get myself organized.

Also, I’d like to take this moment to announce that I’m going to post every other Saturday starting now. You’ll get the promised entry April 27th and the next entry will arrive May 11th. As much as I enjoy writing on this platform, I need to conserve my time and energy to other things.

Expect the weekly Monday Memes, though!



My Dream Bookstore


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IMG_20190409_183307 - Copy

The collectible editions in Paper Trail Books in Royal Oak, MI

If I ran my own bookstore, it would be dog friendly. My brothers have joked that it will be an open invitation to disaster. “Oh sorry, some books smell like dog piss. They’re discounted.” I’m sticking to it, though. I like dogs. I’ll probably keep one of my own around, too.

My dream bookstore is very much… a dream. I’m in no position to start up that kind of business and I’m personally not ready to root myself to a place anyhow. This fantasy also excludes the fact that physical bookstores are fighting elevating rent prices and the popularity of online shopping. I’ve read in some articles that independent bookstores are doing better than the big chains, but who can say for sure. I’d like to believe they’re doing a comeback. Independent bookstores certainly have unique qualities that no big chain has, such as their connection to the community and the personality of the shopkeeper shining through the decorations and the organization (or lack thereof).

Say that money isn’t an issue and I let my imagination run wild for a moment.

I’ll carry mostly used books and there will be a selection of new releases as well. The focus in that area won’t cover all the genres under the sun, however, I’ll exclusively sell fantasy, sci fi, mythology, feminism, poetry, philosophy, metaphysics, supernatural and the like. As for used books, I’ll accept everything, except books about Trump. I will also sell rarities, signed copies, first editions and that sort of thing.

You’ll have a chill seating area and some chairs strewn about the store in case you need to rest your feet. Maybe there will be a piano and/or a table where you can play chess and other board games.

There will be coffee and cake, of course. Nothing crazy, because a cafe is its own business and I don’t want it to overrun the bookish side of things. I’ll have a bar area in the corner where you can get yourself a lovely espresso, hot chocolate, a cup of tea or whatever brew you need. I’d keep a ten-item selection of baked goods, which are rotated throughout the year. So for example, in the winter you have the option of Swedish gingerbread cookies and there will be strawberry shortcake in the summer. I will always serve kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon rolls) throughout the year.

I’ll have plants, hopefully a lot natural sunlight and pictures of different writers (Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley). I also plan to keep paintings and some other art pieces if they aren’t too cumbersome by local artists, all of which are up for sale. I’d love to give people the exposure and the chance to make some money.

There will be a pinboard near the entrance which may be used by everyone. Friendly notes, advertisement for local businesses, band gigs, looking for a roommate, have you seen this cat?, club meetings and so forth. As long as you check with me or whomever I leave in charge at the time, you can use the board.

Finally there will be readings, signings and book club meetings.

The only thing missing from this dream bookstore is a name. Can you think of anything?