American Association of University Women

I served a one-year term as a state rep in the student advisory council in the AAUW Michigan branch during my last year in grad school, which was a fun challenge.

This organization focuses on supporting girls and women in their educational pursuits and career paths. They raise money for fellowships, grants and scholarships, and perform research projects on topics such as the wage gap and women in STEM. One of my favorite things about AAUW is that they have a salary negotiation workshop called “Start Smart,” which they hold at conferences and various universities; one can also do the workshop online.

Every year, AAUW host a national conference in Washington, D.C. called National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL), where women can network and attend several workshops and panels. I wrote for the organization’s blog, but also posted a few entries that originated on my blog. To check out more of them, please visit my online portfolio.

My Goal as a Member of the Student Advisory Council in AAUW

#NCCWSL17 – Mutual Admiration Society

NCCWSL ’17 – Workshops and panels

After DC: Detroit Convention and Other

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