Fire Up Chips!


Writing and stuff at my favorite spot Kaya Coffee House, which unfortunately closed two years after I graduated. They had an AMAZING tea collection.

* CMU: mascot > Chippewas | catch-phrase > Fire Up, Chips!*

Beginning 2011, I attended Central Michigan University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in May 2015. During my time there, I attended several art exhibits, poetry readings, lectures, dance performances, plays and improv shows.

Looking back, I feel a little shocked by the fact that I never took the time to talk about all the theater I was exposed to, at least not on this platform. I went to plays and improv shows regularly, I volunteered as an usher in exchange for a free show a few times and I even took a class in acting. Not to mention that I made friends with several drama kids. Well, and the art kids and the other writers and poets on campus for that matter. Some of the friends I made are still in my life till this day and I treasure all those unique individuals I met and all those moments of artistry.

Rest assured that my time as an undergrad will somehow find a home in my stories (or my memoir). I wouldn’t be the person I am today without those four years as a Chippewa. 

Fortunately, I talked a little bit about the art scene on this blog. I’m glad these entries exist, because that means you get a peek into some CMU experiences. There’s also some exploration, music and children’s books involved in my adventures. They’re listed here from oldest to newest.

A Visit to the Gallery #1: DETROIT

A Visit to the Gallery #2: STUDENTS SHINING

Alan Maciag – Rural Impressions

Gentle Thursday: Rock Music

A Visit to the Gallery #3: STRESSED OUT

A Visit to the Gallery #4: FEBRUARY

“There were never any bells”

Aimee Brasseur – Reading Photographs

International Children’s Books

Akira Takei – Nostalgia and Humour Exhibit


A nice view from the Park Library.