Creative Writing

Initially, I wrote many, many blog entries with words like “advice” in the title while I was figuring out how to write myself, finding my own voice and so forth.

I’ve deleted most of the entries because they felt either silly or too far removed from the person that I am now. Most of those that remain still feel like they belong in the trash, but I’m not sure, perhaps someone will find them useful. Some of it is tips and tricks I’ve found on other websites (which I credit) and others are inspired by the classes I took at Central Michigan University. If you feel like perusing through the archives, by all means, knock yourself out. They’re all in the “creative writing” category on the right.


Near Charlevoix, MI, April 2017… shortly before I start my summer class in grad school.

Here are three entries that feel like “me.”

10 Books that Most Influenced Me 2014

More accurately, the title should say, “The 10 books that most influenced me both as a person and a writer.” Two weeks ago, my cousin back in Sweden challenged me to pick ten books that have influenced me. I, of course, take that very seriously and coming up with a short lost of the worthy ten has been excruciating.

Exhibit Visits: International Children’s Books 2015

During my final semester at CMU, there was a book exhibit at the library that showcased international children’s books and they were having a reading series later in April. I volunteered to read Ronja Rövardotter (Ronia: The Robber’s Daughter), which was such a delight.


The Clarke Historical Library has always had interesting exhibits, but this one has grabbed my attention more than anyone else. I think it started when one day, I passed one of the windows – in a hurry, per usual – realized what I’d just seen, stopped and turned around. Several printed lines shimmered in the light, repeating the same thing in different languages: “Read a book to me.” One of the lines was in Swedish: “Läs en bok till mig.”

Anna Palm5

Read-in at Clarke Historical Library, April, 2015

I Don’t Make Up the Characters 2017

The general misconception is that a writer is the god of their own world. Perhaps that’s true for some, but that’s something I’ve never experienced.


Landmark Books in Traverse City, MI

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