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“Mount Pleasant is turning into a ghetto,” I said to my colleague at work tonight and we both laughed. Perhaps it’s not so good of me to joke about the crimes that have recently occurred in this town, but it seemed appropriate at the time. We had just heard from one of the student managers that there had been a fight in the dishroom the previous night. When something like that happens in the place where you work, the idea that things are becoming bad starts settling.

Last month, a fellow student was abducted and sexually assaulted. Three guys robbed a gas station close to my favorite coffee shop one Friday night. When a friend and I were in fact leaving the premise; it’s freaky to imagine that we could have passed them on the road. Then there have been one or two (maybe more) stabbings at the student apartments around here.

Now there is a man robbing places where only one employee is working and he has been nicknamed the Mount Pleasant Bandit. This is what CM Life reported on Monday: A fifth armed robbery was reported Monday afternoon at a check cashing store near Mission and Broadway streets, approximately 1.5 miles north of Central Michigan University. http://www.cm-life.com/2013/02/18/armed-robbery-reported-at-check-cashing-store-near-mission-and-broadway-streets-marks-fifth-holdup-in-three-days/

A friend of mine witnessed one of the robberies. She was leaving Subway when a man entered; they smiled at each other when they passed each other. Fortunately, she noticed that he had left his car running in the parking lot, which she found suspicious so she sat in her car and watched. The girl standing at the register handed something to the man, then he marched out, got in his car and drove away. I am glad dear Alyssa decided not to play hero and just stayed in safety. (She spoke with the police later, FYI.) My English professor said on yesterday morning that he wouldn’t be surprised if this bandit had some sort of mental illness. You can’t hit several places within 24-hours and get away with it, impossible.



By now there’s the word out that the police has arrested a suspect and I hope they got the one responsible.


Robbery at Cash Advance, 100 S. Mission St. (Borrowed from CM Life.)

Robbery at Cash Advance, 100 S. Mission St. (Borrowed from CM Life.)

Luckily for us nerds, there is a silver lining. Someone took advantage of the situation and dressed up as Batman for this video. I won’t say anymore – except that it made me laugh so hard and I thought it was genius – so go ahead and watch it.

Message to Mount Pleasant – The Dark Knight


**This blog entry was written for ‘Writing for Mass Media,’ JRN202, at Central Michigan University.